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Mutex’s CRM software will enrich your existing recruiting processes by combining different business entities into one application.

In today’s world of recruitment, your team must run on full throttle in order to place candidates and contribute to the business growth. And they are not getting much help from any of the applicant tracking tools in the market. This is because the tools are too rigid and incompetent, that they cannot adapt to your processes.

We being recruiting professionals ourselves, understand this pain point. So we have built a CRM product to help the professionals like us. Using our cloud-based applicant tracking software, you can manage the recruitment and applicant management process with such ease, you won’t believe till you try it. Delivered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, this software will assist the needs of today’s staffing and recruiting professionals.

Mutex’s CRM empowers your team to:
  • 1. Track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
  • 2. Incorporate sales and recruiting activity
  • 3. Manage candidate information
  • 4. Monitor staffing activity
  • 5. React promptly to candidates/clients
  • 6. Team up with other recruiters