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Mobile Engineering:

Mobile Strategy and Mobile Engineering is becoming an integral part of the organization IT Strategy due to constant innovation in mobile computing and the rapid shift of the users from Consumer Web to Mobile Web besides the constant need of being mobile connected by the executives to do effective business. An organization who wants to offer streamline user experience to both the customers should invest their resources in both mobile computing and web computing. Companies who are constantly investing in mobile computing in terms of developing mobile websites, content for mobile users and mobile apps development are reporting huge increase in business.

Why Mobile Engineering?

Mobile Computing in the recent times has witnessed huge innovation in the form of Mobile Platform for mobile website development, application development, mobile computing, mobile commerce and mobile banking and the growing user base of smart phones is offering a unique way to organizations to reach new audiences. Having Mobile Application for banking, computing and commerce also helps organization in opening new form of revenues.

Mutex's Capabilities:

With expertise on various mobile platforms and experience of developing mobile applications on various Mobile OS, our development team will become the perfect partner for your Organization’s mobile strategy. Mutex IT has team of Mobile Applications developer on following platforms:

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android
  • Blackberry OS
  • Windows Mobile (Microsoft Mobile)
  • Bada (Samsung)
Mutex has demonstrated their expertise in developing
  • Mobile Websites: Mobile Version of various websites which are developed using various technologies.
  • Consumer Apps: Applications for the Mass Audience including chat applications, games and informational content.
  • Enterprise Apps: Applications for the Enterprise audience including communication applications, informational content and learning solutions.
  • Mobile Commerce Apps: Mobile Applications for Business owners to sell products for the customers who are mobile.