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Mutex believes that organization’s most valuable asset is employees and to acquire them they need a partner who can help them in presenting the right match and also can help them in differing the talent with the liability. Our team proved its efficiency in handling the requirement of organization’s both IT and Non IT requirements. Our recruitment and sourcing process is simple: we identify, screen and present the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside our organization) for a well-defined client requirement, in a timely and cost effective manner. At Mutex, our experienced recruit staff takes full advantage of our global, 24-hour work day to source candidates for client projects in a wide array of industries and an even wider array of skill-sets. We perform extensive background checks on each candidate we present to our client, including criminal background checks and drug & alcohol screening. We also provide our clients with performance guarantees and right-to-hire options.

IT Staffing

When it comes to managing an enterprise or an organization or automating the processes of various departments by implementing various systems, most organizations faces the heat of streamed implementation due to hurdles associated with sourcing right talent for the assigned task and making the person do the task in optimal manner.

Non IT Staffing

Organizational Management or staffing requirement doesn’t end with recruiting technical resource as there are more to organization than the IT department and they are as important as Information Technology resources and for making an organization truly integrative, companies should follow the same processes and implement the same procedures as they do for IT hiring.