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Solving the other crucial end of staffing:

Organizational Management or staffing requirement doesn't end with recruiting technical resource as there is more to an organization than the IT department and they are as important as IT resources and for making an organization truly integrative, companies should follow the same processes and implement the same procedures as they do for IT hiring.

Mutex simplifying Non IT hiring Process:

Like IT hiring, non IT hiring is also a process oriented task and a small mistake in any of the step can cause huge loss to the organization and can weaken the entire organization functions. With steps like Analyzing, screening, sourcing, mining, scheduling interviews and final closing, Non IT hiring bears complete resemblance to IT hiring in terms of steps but differ completely in terms of recruitment platform, analyzing methodology and screening pattern and it requires a deep understanding of function and the industry to match the exact talent.

Mutex Non IT staffing solutions:

Our team of staffing experts with years of knowledge in recruitment process management and staffing simplification is solving the problems of many companies by employing innovative methodologies. Our team with expertise in solving various domain roles is competent to work with existing HR team or by creating the entire recruitment department from scratch.

Our team's expertise on the HR processes and their knowledge on various industries besides the consultation of seasoned business experts make sure that every resource referred by our team is a true value in terms of investments.

When it comes to placing resources for organizations our team follows the following four steps to ensure maximum return on investment. Our team evaluates candidate on

  • Functional and Technical Expertise which includes number of life cycle implementations and project implementations
  • Industry knowledge of the candidate and his understanding of client’s business verticals
  • Business and Technology integration knowledge of the candidate which includes updation or migration
  • His willingness to take up the assignments and his future assignments to ensure maximum retention.
Our team in the past had solved staffing requirement of some of the top companies for the following position:
  • Accountant
  • Business Development Management
  • Process Manager
  • Audit Consultants
  • Sales Executives
  • Facility Manager
  • Office Management Executive
  • HR Executive
  • MarCom Executive
  • PR Manager
Our team staffing solutions was acknowledged as one of the best by many fortune 500 companies from diverse industry domains.