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Why .Net Technologies?

Trusted by IT Leaders from various verticals and Powered by Microsoft, .Net Technologies is one of the most recommended Framework for developing enterprise ready and Feature rich applications due to its innovative features in design and architecture like interoperability, Common Language Runtime, Language Independent, Simplified Deployment, Portability, Common Language Infrastructure and Memory Management. With thousands of framework being developed on .Net and continuous innovation in the technology, .Net technology is powering IT Needs of 3M, MSNBC, US Airways and Stack Overflow.

What is there for me?

With solutions like C#.Net, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, Visual Studio, Ajax and Windows forms and provision for satisfying every IT Needs, .Net Technologies can help organization in saving huge resources but Moving Organization IT Infrastructure on .Net Technologies requires Technology Expertise and Functional Capabilities besides Competencies in various life cycles and Business Oriented Methodologies.

How Mutex Can help you?

With a team of developers and architects with proven expertise at various positions including Team Lead, Project Lead and Project Management, Mutex is equipped to handle development, maintenance and quality assurance of various IT applications. Mutex has successfully provided their services for Real Estate companies, Universities, Governmental Organizations, Banking and Financial Institutions, Retail Ventures and Social Computing Initiatives in the area of:

- Web Services Development: Services for developing system for communicating information or data from one application to another or to support interoperable machine to machine communication. Mutex team has strong expertise in developing web based services by using standard web based protocols like HTTP, XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.

- Application Development: Solutions for developing Client/Server Applications, Distributed Applications, Database Management Applications and Management Information Systems by applying custom organization strategy and .Net Framework for Organizations.

- Custom Control Development: Services for developing new custom control for your enhanced requirement to bridge the gap of missing functionality and also to help developers in increasing productivity. Mutex team has expertise in developing custom control development, compound control and also enhancement in control workability.

Application Migration: Consultation Services for migration of Application on .Net Framework.